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Uplisting or Dual Listing

If you need some assistance, Alpha Bronze can surely be helpful on that important process - uplisting or dual listing - on the strategic rationale, the decision making process as well as helping making the key introductions to the different US exchanges.

We have built over the years strong and long lasting relations with all the major US equities exchanges:

As a matter, any uplisting is not automatic. Even after an issuer meets all of the requirements needed for an uplisting, including financial requirements, corporate governance and share price, it is still to the exchange - the NYSE or the NASDAQ to give its final approval.

On the dual-listing for a non-US company, all exchanges can be considered and can be helpful. Why would a non-US company seek to list in the US? According to reports and studies done, the main reasons are the following:

  • ability to access new investors
  • raise new capital
  • increase the liquidity and/or the valuation

investor relations

We offer a complete range of investor relations services. Our goal is to help each client realize a market cap. that best reflects the company's value. We achieve this goal on a daily basis through enhanced visibility and targeted communication and through favorable and credible meetings and interactions with the invesment community.

We believe that a succesful investor relations program depends on a multi-faceted approach, including an effective and clear strategy and tactical execution.

Key ingredients to be successful include:

  • Conducting extensive due dligence prior to engagement
  • Leveraging our proprietary investor database to facilitate introductions
  • Scheduling non-deal road shows
  • Procuring invites to investor conferences
  • Identifying alternatives metrics to value your business
  • Providing quarterly progress reports and evaluations
  • Measuring the client's goals and objectives